Our Mission and Project Plan:

We spread prosperity in metro Hartford by enabling immigrants and refugees to achieve the American Dream of entrepreneurial success.


More than one of every four (28.5%) Connecticut residents are foreign born (14.5%) or children of the foreign born (14%).  

Immigrants start 30% of the state’s new companies.  They start firms at twice the rate of native born Americans.

Connecticut’s immigrant firms earn revenue of $2 billion.

In metro Hartford, immigrant entrepreneurs drive nearly all commercial growth.

In Hartford, immigrant owners of incorporated businesses out-earn, by 40%, privately employed immigrant workers.


Seven of our state’s biggest, Fortune 500 companies were founded by immigrants.  Nationally, nearly half (43%) of Fortune 500 firms were founded by immigrants or their first generation children.

Nearly half (44%) of Silicon Valley tech companies–  including Apple and Google– were started by immigrants or their children.

Immigrants earn half of the STEM doctorates awarded in U.S.  A majority of Silicon Valley’s workforce is foreign born.